At EAH, kids get to make their horse dreams a reality.  Kids will learn all about how to care for horses, how to be safe with them, how to build partnership and trust with horses, and how to ride.  We start with how to learn the body language of horses and how kids can communicate with them in return.  Next, we’ll help them learn basic horsemanship and groundwork.  Once those basics are covered, we get into the fun stuff – riding!

What lessons look like:

  • An hour and a half in length
  • Cost is $55 per lesson
  • Catch and halter their lesson horse
  • Lead their lesson horse to the hitching post
  • Groom their lesson horse
  • Tack their horse, if necessary (put on saddle and bridle)
  • Horsemanship instruction (varies)
  • Untack their horse
  • Groom again
  • Lead horse back to paddock and release them back into the herd

 Lesson Progression

  • Learn how to care for a horse
  • Learn how to be confident with groundwork and obstacles
  • Learn how to ride a horse

We customize each lesson depending on your child’s needs.  Depending on the confidence and ability of your child, she may start in the saddle while being lead around the arena.  As he progresses, he will learn to ride independently.  Once her confidence grows in the areana, we will branch out into the obstacle course, or maybe a simple trail ride.