Your horse can be a horse when boarded at EAH.

 Living Quarters:

 Horses are very dependent on the natural horse hierarchy, and we strive to imitate that way of living. Our horses are kept in a carefully grouped herd in a large paddock or in stalls with runs. The paddock has two sheds for shelter and a constant supply of salt and mineral blocks. Fresh water is always available and heated through the winter. The footing in the paddocks and stall runs is called squeegee – a pea gravel-type soft rock that breaks down under the horse’s weight and helps keep their feet hard and healthy. It sucks the water from the surface, eliminating puddles and mud.  It holds the sun’s heat and the horses love to lay down on it in the early morning.




Horses enjoy daily turnout for up to 5 hours in one of our 20 acre pastures. The entire herd is turned out together so they can interact and play with a large group of horses.



All horses are fed quality grass hay using a free choice system, in order to accommodate their natural grazing habits. There is also a choice to give grain and/or supplements to your horse.


Paddocks and stalls are mucked daily, weather permitting.

 De-worming and Vaccinations:

Horses are de-wormed every other month to ensure the spread of worms remain nominal through out EAH. Every horse is on the same de-worming schedule, that is changed up every few months to kill any new types of worms. Also, horses are vaccinated every spring and fall to ensure healthy and vibrant horses.