Our handsome Gypsy Vanner/Halflinger cross, Flynn.

This guy is smooth, willing and full of potential.


George is our diamond in the rough!

This little guy came to EAH in pretty rough condition. He had lived in
a round pen most of his life and had zero manners, was completely unable to do anything to the left, much less be able to work on the lunge line, pick up his canter leads, or even feel confident enough to be turned out to pasture. He had to have several teeth pulled, major deworming, “de-bugging” (bugs were even in his fur!) and a lot of lessons learned both on the ground and under saddle.
Now George is our amazing kid’s lesson horse and he loves his job! He is very intuitive with the size and skill level of each kid and seems to create his own lessons for them. He is very reliable, but still enough of a stinker to teach his riders confidence and clear communication. He loves to work and seems to get younger every day, but his favorite part of the lesson is to be
groomed and loved on.