Here at EAH, lessons focus on both the horse and you. When you encounter something during your lesson that creates some challenges in working with your horse, Autumn often asks you where else in your life you experience similar challenges. During the lesson, you’ll figure out how to work with your horse, but what do you do about working with those other areas of your life?

That’s where equine assisted psychotherapy comes in. You already love being with horses, so this is a great way to address areas of mental, emotional or relationship challenges. Everything we do with the horses in therapy will directly translate to your life out in the world.

Most of the work takes place on the ground, which means there is very little riding.

If it becomes clear that riding would help your healing journey, Autumn and I can schedule a joint session. In this unique experience, you are on a bareback pad and Autumn will be leading your horse. We both lead your therapy session through our unique lenses of equine and human awareness.

You do not need to have horse experience, nor do you have to be taking lessons to have equine assisted psychotherapy.

Contact Jenny now to schedule your equine assisted psychotherapy session! She can be reached at 720-316-9745 or at