Jenny has lived in Colorado most of her life with brief stints on each coast. Born in California, she lived in Vermont during high school, then settled in Colorado as an adult. She enjoys spending time with her kind and funny teenage son, as well as her fur babies. Her life-long love of and deep connection with animals, including the human animal, has led her to wonder: What makes people tick?  Why do they do what they do?  What makes them perceive things the way they do? She sought to learn the answers through her Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Masters in the Art of Counseling degrees at Regis University in Denver, CO.  In the process of this education, she discovered that while we have universal issues, we are also very unique, and she believes it’s important to meet each client where they are and guide them to discover their truths.

Jenny has always firmly believed that true transformation and lasting change come from uniting mind, body and soul.  Being aware of beliefs and thoughts is crucial to gaining insight into ourselves, as well as tapping into the truth of our soul to create a fulfilling life moving forward.  The vehicle we use to access those parts of ourselves is our bodies. Therefore, it is important to involve our bodies in the process of counseling.  This might look like breath work, tuning into parts of our bodies or moving our bodies.  To learn more about this, and to feed her passion for animals, Jenny attended the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies to learn Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. 

Peace–the sensation of being okay even when life is hard–is what Jenny helps her clients find. This happens with the horses and in nature.  She finds that healing begins when we give ourselves the time and space to curiously explore our struggles.  Counseling is a safe space to slow down, connect with, and be honest with yourself–to honor and explore the all of the elements in your life that cause suffering.  Self-discovery, compassion and intentionally using our strengths allow us to address the challenges we face as we journey through our lives.  She is committed to inspiring her clients to reconnect with themselves, find meaning and create lasting positive changes.

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