At EAH we give the horse adequate time to learn. Every horse is different and has a different learning pace. We teach the horse using the horse’s natural language of pressure and release and our own natural body language. We also like to create a fun learning environment so the horse enjoys learning and never feels “trained on.”  We love coming up with different obstacles to build curiosity and confidence. If you can show a horse that curiosity is a good thing, a confident horse will emerge. With confidence, the trust between the horse and human can grow into a strong partnership. This is the goal of the EAH Training.

Horse Training Programs Include

 Equine Kindergarten

This program is for weanlings through two years old,  a key time in a horse’s life to learn how to live respectfully with both humans and their herd.

In our program, your young horse will be introduced slowly into the herd.  During this period, which can last several days to several weeks, your horse will learn the herd dynamics and  social skills needed to communicate with other horses and to find its place in the herd.Training will include all of the necessary groundwork to ready your horse for eventual riding. Your horse will learn about personal space  and how to be respectful to a human and still have fun.  He or she will learn how to learn, and how to trust humans, so that horse and human can have a true partnership. By the end of the program, your horse will be ready to start under saddle.  Listed below are just a few specific things your young horse will learn while in the program:

– Yielding of the hindquarters and forehand

– Ground tying- Standing tied

– Groundwork: lunging, moving through and over different obstacles- Desensitizing to a tarp, bag, lead rope, etc.

– Trailering

– Ponying behind another horse around the barn and on the trail

-Learning how to use their body to support their back during riding through long lining. This will also build their muscle so they are ready to support the weight of the saddle and rider.

– Saddling (when appropriate weight/height is achieved)

– Yielding feet to the farrier

– Respecting personal space

– Understanding important social skills

 Starting Under Saddle:


This program shows the horse how to have a deeper level of partnership with a human from their back.  At EAH we always begin this process with groundwork in order to build the horse’s trust and confidence with just the saddle on its back. Once this is achieved, the horse is ready to be ridden. For the first few rides it is important to allow the horse to get used to the added weight on their back by allowing them to move freely and not restrict any movement. Once the horse is comfortable at the walk, trot and lope, they can start to learn how to use their body properly and with balance.

Dreamer, having his second ride.

Legend and Brooke on their first ride

Trail Ready:

     To build the horse’s trust in humans and to prepare the horse for trail riding, they will be asked to do a wide variety of obstacles. This also helps the horse build the confidence  to carry a rider  through unexpected situations. When the horse is confident at all gaits and soft and supple in a variety of situations, they will be taken out on trail rides to experience a new level of fun with humans, as well as new obstacles to learn from.


Dressage / Western Dressage:







This is a very important step in a horse’s training. It is not only used to get a horse show-ready, but it will teach a horse how to use its body in a way that will support the body mechanics while carrying a person on its back. Your horse will learn how to stretch its back and move forward by using the abdominal muscles and hindquarters. Relying on its shoulders to move, causes the horse to hollow its back and brace with its head in the air. This can lead to back pain or even more serious injury. Your horse will learn how to pick up the proper lead when cantering and how to have meaning and purpose with each foot fall in the walk, trot, lope and canter. If you are interested in showing, we will teach specific western dressage techniques including leg yields, different tracks for the horse’s feet and collection.


 Working at Liberty:


 Using obstacles, we help build the horse’s confidence and curiosity which then transfers to whatever riding plans you may have. The obstacle course is a great way to desensitize your horse to a variety of things and learn how to work through potentially scary situations before heading out on the trail or into a show ring.